Sunday, February 6, 2011

What ever happened to...

While surfing the web...
I got to thinking. Whatever happened to Mikey or Mr Whipple or for that matter, whatever happend to those people and things that were so much a part of who we were. Whatever happened to:

He likes it! Hey Mikey.
To be honest, this guy got on my last nerve...

Tasted like something, dont know what but it was'nt Strawberries.

Is he still protecting the forrest?

Remember when everyone had a TV guide in their livingroom?

Come on, how many pairs of LA Gear did you have?

One, two, three. Three.

Funny, I remember the theme song but I dont remember any episodes.

I had a big crush on Ricardo...because of the Volare commercials!

To be honest I wont do the research. I prefer to think they are still out there somewhere looking and sounding just like they did back in the day. Besides, If I did find out what happened to them I'd probably be very disappointed.


  1. They will probably appear in those "Celebrity" reality shows soon!
    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane... tv guides in homes? Makes me remember when you could only watch cartoons on a Saturday morning and it was a treat.

  2. what a fun post - thanks for bringing back some memories!
    - Cookalashoc
    from Etsy BLoggers

  3. Loved the stroll into my past. Mags mentioned watching cartoons on Saturday, and yes it was a treat. Anyone old enough to remember, "my friend Flicka" or "Lassy"?? In my house we couldn't watch the latter because our baby brother would cry...we wanted to nail him into a trash can because my sister and I loved Lassy!

  4. Oh, yes - I always reminisce on these old kinds of things! I can't believe some of the stuff on tv these days. :P
    following you from Blogging Buddies on Etsy!!


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