Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Movies for 5-10 year old boys

So you have to babysit your nephews or your neighbor’s boys and you need something to keep them busy?

Movies usually do the job, especially for kids that age. It is most likely they’ve already seen all the current movies several times. How about pulling out some older movies they may not have seen yet? I raised 3 boys with all boy cousins and all boy neighbors/friends so I thought I’d share the movies that kept all these boys busy. I’ve left out the obvious, such as E.T. and Home Alone, because they probably have already seen them.

These movies are just fun, they don’t deal with serious issues and show no nudity. A couple may have a small amount of profanity; The Sandlot, for example uses the word “Shit” a couple of times. As far as I can remember the others don’t. But don’t quote me on that…Some of these movies are a bit older than others but most feature boys about that age. Trust me; I know most of the lines from these movies by heart from having played them over and over when the boys were 5-10 years old.

Rookie of the Year

Mighty Ducks

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Man of the House

Little Giants

Richie Rich

The Never-ending Story


Wild America

And the king of them all….The Sandlot
(I know every line from this movie)

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What do you think? What movies did I leave out? Which ones would you recommend for boys? Let us know, leave a comment.


  1. I LOVE the Never Ending Story! (The subsequent ones weren't so good though.) Transformers, the original cartoon movie, is pretty good for boys.

  2. I'm a girl and I LOVED these movies as a kid (still do!). Thank you for taking me down memory lane. :)


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