Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playground Songs, Taunts and Chants

Playground taunts, Children’s chants, kid songs, School chants or Playground songs whatever you may call them, there has to be one that you remember even today.

While Surfing the Web…
I came across a picture that reminded me of my playground days. That got me thinking about the little songs we used to sing. Back then I don’t think I ever questioned what they were called but as I put this collection together I realized I wasn’t really sure what to call them. It seems that as children it doesn’t matter what something is called as long as it is fun.

Some can be sung or recited just as they are while some are sung to the rhythm of a clapping game or while jumping rope. Here are a few to help you remember those old playground days.

Playground Songs

I asked my mother for fifty cents
To see the elephant jump the fence
He jumped so high
He reached the sky
and didn't come back 'till the 4th of July

Boys come from Jupiter because they're stupider,
Girls come from Mars because they're super stars,
Boys drink coke, cause they're a big joke,
Girls drink Pepsi, to get more sexy!

Miss Suzie had a baby, The baby's name was Tim,
She put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim,
He drank up all the water, He ate up all the soap,
He tried to eat the bathtub, but it wouldn't go down his throat
Miss Suzie called the doctor, Miss Suzie tried the nurse,
Miss Suzie called the lady with the alligator purse,
Mumps said the doctor, Measles said the nurse,
Nothing said the lady with the alligator purse,
Miss Suzie kicked the doctor, Miss Suzie hit the nurse,
And then she paid the lady with the alligator purse


Miss Molly had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell
Miss Molly went to heaven, the steamboat went to
HELL-o operator please give me number nine,
And if you disconnect me I'll kick your
Behind the shower curtains there was a piece of glass,
Miss Molly sat upon it and hurt her little
ASS-k me no more questions, please tell me no more lies,
The boys are in the washroom, pulling up their
FLIES are in the city, the bees are in the park,
Miss Molly and her boyfriend are kissing in the d-a-r-k d-a-r-k DARK DARK DARK.
The dark is like a movie, a movie is like a show,
A show is like a video and that is all I
Know I know my ma, I know I know my pa
My ma was born in London
My pa was born in France
And I was born in the hospital without my underpants..
My ma went back to London,
My pa went back to France,
I went back to the hospital to get my underpants!!

First grade babies
Second grade tots
Third grade angels
Fourth grade snots
Fifth grade peaches
Sixth grade plums
And all the rest are
Dirty Bums!

I met my boyfriend at the candy store.
He bought me some ice cream and a candy bar.
He brought me home with a belly ache.
Mama, Mama, I feel sick
Call the doctors quick, quick, quick.
Doctor, doctor will I die?
1,2,3,4,5 I'm alive!

Double double this this,
Double double that that,
Double this, double that,
Double double this that.

I went to a Chinese restaurant
to buy a loaf of bread bread bread
The waiter asked my name
and this is what I said said said:
My name is Eli Eli
Chickali Chickali
Pom Pom Beauty
don’t drink whiskey      
Indian chief!

I wish I had a nickel,
I wish I had a dime,
I wish I had a boyfriend
to kiss me all the time.
my mother gave me a nickel,
my father gave me a dime,
my sister gave me a boyfriend
to kiss me all the time.
my mother took my nickel,
my father took my dime,
but no one took the boyfriend
who looked like Frankenstein

Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack
all dressed in black black black
with silver buttons buttons buttons
all down her back back back
She asked her mother mother mother
for fifty cents cents cents
to see an elephant elephant elephant
jump over the fence fence fence
He jumped so high high high
he reached the sky sky sky
and didn't come back back back
til the fourth of July ly ly

I had a boyfriend Fatty,
Who come from Cincinnati,
With 48 toes
And a dimple on his nose,
And this is how my story goes:
One day while I was walking
I heard my boyfriend talking
To a pretty little girl
With strawberry curls
And this is what he said to her
I L-O-V-E love you
I'll K-I-S-S kiss you,
I'll K-I-S-S kiss you,
On your F-A-C-E face, face face.

My boyfriend gave me peaches.
My boyfriend gave me pears.
My boyfriend gave me 50 cents to kiss him on the stairs.
I gave him back his peaches.
I gave him back his pears.
I gave him back his 50 cents
And kicked him down the stairs.

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