Monday, March 7, 2011

5 year old's Cook Book

Gordon Ramsay watch out!

20 years ago my son brought home what would be my favorite handmade gift of all times; a cook book written by 5 year olds. The kindergarten teacher sat with each kid and asked him/her about their favorite food. After asking things like “what do you put in it?” and “how do you cook it?” and “how do you eat it?” the teacher put all of the answers together into this little cookbook. Remember these are kindergarteners then picture making the meal using only the kid’s instructions!

Here are a few of my favorite.

Hey, his ingredients are not that far off but 1 minute in the oven, not too sure we'd be able to use chopsticks. We would probably need a spoon or a straw!

Oh Nary, Nary. When did you start putting hotdogs in your pancakes? Do we put them in assembled or does the bun go in before the weiner?

Little Kandy, can we add any kind of cake? What about the Pan, can we add any type of pan or does it have to be a particular type of pan for flavor?

I didnt know there was a recepie for "Tomatoes".

Guaranteed to be the best chocolate milk you've ever tasted, thanks to the secret ingredient; CHIPS

This one is hard to read but Esteban tells us how to make "hamburgers" Ingredients: Cake, Pizza, Beans, Salsa. Cook it in the microwave on high for 5 seconds. Eat with a fork.

This looks like fun. Cookes lettuce, sugar and mustard. Plus we get to eat it with our hands! What a treat.

Hey, I guess it is "pancake" flavored pizza...

"You have pumpkin Pie"...if you say so Johnny.

60 minutes at 40 degrees. And make sure you make 41, ok, it has to be 41 cookies.

"Cook them in the toaster for 1 hour!" Never had cinnamon and cheese together, wow, not sure how I'd get them out of the toaster after 1 hour.

Mmmmm lettuce and cheese with butter over a fire. Sounds delicious!

Dont forget your knife, you wont be able to slice syrup and butter without it.

"Pour some of it on a plate" I guess we can choose how much of what to pour in a plate...

Which recepie will you try first? Leave a comment!


  1. I'm sure the 5 year old would be better behaved in the kitchen then Mr. Ramsay! I'm a new follower from the Etsy Blog Team.

  2. So cute! I used to teach pre-K, made me miss all my funny babies! Following you, Come see me...

  3. I think I'll have to try the hamburgers recipe. The ingredients do go together, although I think it may be a little too rare for me at only 8 minutes in the oven. This was a funny read! I loved it!

  4. Those recipes are priceless. They would make good backs to recipe cards. Stopping by from EBT! Your newest follower!



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